Kashan city: Local foods, carpets and handicrafts!

Kashan is my hometown! Amazing architecture aside, this city is famous for its carpets, handicrafts, rose-water, and agricultural products.

We will take a trip to Kashan local market; it is almost always crowded and full of eye-catching carpet stores, copper utensils, handicrafts, spices, local confections, etc.! No need to mention that the architecture of market itself is wonderful enough to encourage you paying a visit! Moreover, I will do my best to arrange traditional restaurants with local tasty foods like Dizy (meat, pea, bean, potato, onion, etc.), Kashk-o-Badenjan (eggplant, meant leaf, curd), Koofte (meat, rice, etc.) and so on.

In case you were interested and there was enough time, the Kashan surrounding is also so wonderful to visit- you may have heard of Ghamsar! The city of rose-water! It is located about 20 minutes from Kashan and worth visiting especially in the spring!

*** Please consider that Kashan is located in an extremely hot and dry region. So, do your best to avoid visiting this city from June to August (which is summer time in Iran). However, if you have to, you can stay in amazing historical houses during the day and go for site seeing at night.

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: If you are here in Summer (June to August), Please bring sunscreen and wear proper clothes- the temperature may reach 45 ° C at noon!
Not Included in price: Accommodation, transportation, foods, and tickets to tourist attractions (museums, gardens, palaces, etc.)
Additional Information: I also happily offer my parents’ house to you if you are those kinds of people who are not interested in hotels anymore! You can join us there with a fun and safe surrounding, at much more reasonable price than what hotels offer you. Better than that, you will have a great experience of living a few nights like Iranians! We can talk, listen to music, cook, or you can just relax and read or whatever you prefer.
Cancellations : As the money transfer happens when we meet, you can cancel our arrangement any time before the planned day!