Trek along the Temple Trails of Hampi

A 4 hour trek, this temple trail starts out by walking along the green paddy fields and climbing over rocks till we reach the Rishmukh Temple on the Rishmukh mountain, mentioned in the Ramayan.

After the climb, we will visit a few temples along the area, cross the river in a coracle and arrive at the Varaha Temple, the Vittala Temple and the Achutaraya Temple located on the other side of the hill. To get an exhilarating view of the city, we shall climb the Mathanga Hill.

Hampi is a recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, listed as a Group of Monuments at Hampi, and is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire.


* Capture the beauty of Hampi through its temple trails over hills and across rivers and explore the rich architecture as well as the abundant culture of the place.

* Visit Rishmukh Temple on Rishmukh mountain of Ramayan fame and other temples including the Varaha Temple, the Vittala Temple and the Achutaraya Temple.

* Climb over the Mathanga Hill.

* Trace the tour through trek, coracle ride and walk.

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Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: * Dress comfortably and carry sunscreen and water. * Plan for the weather, as per season, with hats, umbrellas or raincoats. * You may also carry your own mosquito repellent.
Not Included in price: * Food and Beverages are not included. * Price for Coracle ride is not included. (Seasonal availability depending on river volume and rainfall)
Additional Information: Please note this is only a trekking exercise and not a guided tour of Hampi.
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