Tour of Chorao Island on an Electric Bicycle

Famous for the variety of birds that live here and its floral abundance, Chorao Island seats the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary which encloses more than 400 species of birds, both local and migratory, over 178 acres.

This tour takes you on an eco-friendly electric bicycle across the bird sanctuary giving you an opportunity to listen to the rich and melodious singing of the birds, watch the dance of the peacocks along the lush greenery of this beautiful island. You will also get to take some beautiful photograph on this picturesque route.

The tour will take you on a 10-Km trail and only requires you to have a basic balance on a cycle. It is suitable for all ages, 12 and above and the ride begins and ends at the entrance of the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

Note*: A minimum number of 3 participants are required.


* Take a ride across the island of Chorao on a Sporty Electric Bicycle.

* Discover the various species of birds along the lush greenery of this bird watcher's paradise.

* Take home the beautiful pictures you are bound to capture on this route.

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Languages spoken: English
Included in price: Bicycles/Electric Bicycles and Helmets are included
Refund policy : Upon cancellation, the funds shall be returned digitally to the user within 5 working days of initiating request.
Cancellations : 1. Cancellations made 30 days before the experience date shall be refunded by 100% 2. Cancellations made 7-30 days before experience date shall be refunded by 75%. 3. Cancellations made under 7 days before experience date shall not be refunded.