Bicycle tour through a Goan Village and Chorao Island

With a beautiful vista of the backwaters, the serenity of the village life and a lush green floral route decorated with a variety of birds, this tour is everything a nature adventurist needs.

The tour starts at the Succour Church where you will explore the roads of the beautiful village at a leisurely pace. Then ride along the narrow lanes of the Betim Pomburpha road for a view of the backwaters.

The next stage of the journey will take you to Chorao Island on a Ferry and then along a small hill to Deugim, where you will have breakfast at a local joint. You will then be guided on a ride through the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and then return back on the same route to the church at Succour.

The entire journey covers a 30-km ride, with slopes that may test your fitness. You will be given the option of switching to an electric cycle at any time. The level of difficulty varies from medium to difficult and is suitable for all ages 15 and above.

Note: A minimum number of 2 participants are required


* Experience the calmness and serenity of the village life.

* Ride along the beautiful backwaters of Betim Pomburpha road.

* Explore the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary.

* Choose between a manual or an electric Bicycle.

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Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Included in price: This tour includes Bicycle/Electric Bicycle, Helmet, Water Bottles and the Entry Fee for the Bird Sanctuary
Refund policy : Upon cancellation, the funds shall be returned digitally to the user within 5 working days of initiating request.
Cancellations : 1. Cancellations made 30 days before the experience date shall be refunded by 100% 2. Cancellations made 7-30 days before experience date shall be refunded by 75%. 3. Cancellations made under 7 days before experience date shall not be refunded.