Explore Pochampally - Silken Weaves and Knots

Best known for its resident weaves of silk sarees, Pochampally is a small village in Telangana that has a remarkable tryst with the new-India struggles of land possession and cultivation.

The site of the Bhoodan Movement during the Harijans' struggle for land possession, Vinoba Bhave initiated a move in which the villagers itself gave large portions of land from their own possession to the Harijans, in order to promote socio-economic equity.

Today, Pochampally is known for its products, specifically the technique of silk weaves which create some of the most beautiful textiles in the country.

Located about 65 km from Hyderabad, we shall visit the Rural Museum, traditional weaving families with pit looms in their houses and the Pochampally Textile Park.

Pochampally is also well known for its Ikat Sarees, a series of patterns on Pochampally silk.

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
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Additional Information: * Visit Pochampally, a village 65 km from Hyderabad, well known for its textiles. * Explore the process of silk weaving and textile production in Pochampally. * Visit the Rural Museum, and learn of the history of Pochampally and the genesis of its silk weaves.
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