Stories of the Golconda Fort - A Heritage Walk


From the ancient Kakatiyas, the Golconda fort has seen many dynasties - the Bahmanis, the Qutub Shahis and the Mughals. Large parts of the fort are still standing and are today a popular picnic spot with the locals.

Stories about the fort are a mix of history and myth - we will explore the most popular of them and try to understand which is which. For the photographically minded, the old fort and the ruins afford spectacular opportunities.

Is it true that the approach of enemies would be communicated to the citadel by clapping hands at the entrance? Was Ramdas actually imprisoned in the fort? And is it true that the fort has never been taken in a military action? We will talk about these and many more popular stories as we take a stroll around the premises.


* Spend a morning at the Golconda Fort, exploring various aspects of its mighty history.

* Listen to the stories that have been inspired by the fort and its inhabitants

* If you are photographically minded, capture shots of Architecture, Historical Landscapes, and Light Play.

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Languages spoken: English
Not Included in price: Cameras are NOT included; Please bring your own camera for the photo walk; Entry ticket into Golconda Fort and camera usage fee are included in the fare; Personal expenses are NOT included in the fare.
Additional Information: All participants are requested to dress respectfully; Women are requested to carry scarves and to avoid wearing short pants or sleeveless clothes; Men are requested to avoid wearing short pants or sleeveless clothes; Participants may carry water.