Omo valley 10 days trip

This is a detail day by day program of the Omo Valley Tribal Ring to discover the daily authentic and uninterrupted life of an untouched tribal communities. 

Day 1. Pick up from hotel in Addis and drive directly to Arbaminch where we will make a right turn right before the city of Arbaminch and head to the Dorze tribe of Chencha and visit the village life of these people; famous for traditional cloth making by weaving cotton using locally made instruments. We will visit their late afternoon village life. Finally, we drive back to Arbamimch and overnight in Paradise Lodge. 

Day 2. In the morning we drive directly to Jinka where we will make a stop in Konso and visit the village life of these hard working communities ,well known for their terracing culture that dates back to some 500 years, to cultivate crops especially Maize and Sorghum in a challenging topography which has been recognised by UNESCO as a heritage. After visiting this village for as long as you want and head to Jinka where we will visit the village life of the Ari tribe who live on the plateau lands surrounding Jinka town( The administrative town of the 16 different Tribal communities of the Omo valley area). Overnight in Eco-Omo lodge. 

Day 3. In the morning we head to the unique tribe of Mursi ( The women are famous for putting clay made circular lip and ear plates which symbolizes beauty in honor) crossing through Mago National Park in order to reach their village. We will visit the uninterrupted authentic daily life activities the entire afternoon where this will give an excellent time of interaction which makes it a once in a lifetime time experience. Overnight through camping with the tribes where we will have an excellent cook with us and a well organized team with complete and clean camping gears enough for all. 

Day 4. In the morning after breakfast we drive back to Jinka and then continue driving directly to Turmi where we will have several village stops on our way down to meet the tribes we come across as such: Banna and Hammer tribes village life daily activity with no interruptions till late afternoon and overnight in Buska Lodge. Not forgetting to mention that we will attend any colorful tribal markets we come across which happen once in a week in each tribal destination. 

Day 5. In the morning we drive further down to Omorate which is a border town with the Northwest Kenya as to visit the Dasenech tribe deep in their remote villages leaving the commonly visited ones by going down as far as the Northern tip of Lake Turkana and experience a wonderful time you will never forget. Later on we drive back to Turmi and camp overnight with one of the most hospitable tribes of the Hammer people within their communal village compound with an excellent interaction time. 

Day 6. In the morning after breakfast we drive to Karo Tribe's village of Korcho located in near by a panoramic omo rivers view after driving some 60Kms from Turmi and visit these amazing tribes who are considered to be the least numbered in terms of population size among the Omo Valley tribes. After visiting this Tribe's village for as much time we need and head to Kangaten small town located on the other side of the Omo River crossing over a bridge as to visit the Nyangatom tribe. Overnight in a Hotel. 

Day 7. In the morning we visit the village life of this beautiful tribes who are believed to be originally from Yuganda that came to this area on the last two decades of the 19th Century and settled in permanently from that time on. Then we drive to Kibish through Omo National Park as to visit the list visited Surma tribes accessing them deep in to their villages and this will be an unforgettable experience for any traveler and you as well as your team will love this experience. Overnight through camping in Kibish. 

Day 8. In the morning we start driving to Mizan crossing through a number of untouched Surma villages where we will make some stops to get to know the tribes morning life activities without any interruption to their normal life but witnessing a wonderful and genuine activities up to their door steps. Then we continue driving to Mizan Teferi and overnight in a hotel. 

Day 9. In the morning we continue our journey to Jimma through Bebeka huge coffee plantation as well as enjoying the dense forest beautiful atmosphere where we will make several stops on our way up to have a look at the natural beauty of the area which is registered by UNESCO as one of the 31 best places in the world that should be protected which is rich with variety of Botanical life comprising more than 2000 endemic plant species documented so far. Late in the afternoon we arrive to Jimma and overnight in an excellent Hotel. 

Day 10. We drive to Wolkite and then to Woliso crossing through the Gibe River basin which is the major source of the Omo River on its up stream phase. Enjoying the beautiful nature and amazing topographical scenery that will give you a good wave of mental pictur

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Recommended gear: Malaria and other insects prevention replant, sun cream, and other medical care
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