Banana Tour

This is a world apart from the commen tourist attractions. Here the stunning scenery and mountain trails are a true sensation. The banana plantation of Finca la Jorará has hundreds of charms, among with there are beautiful views of the mountain facing the sea, variety of trees, exotic fruits, beach and natural pools.

We will start with our walk on the farm. It takes approximatly 20 minutes to get to the banana plantation. On the way you will see some special trees and different plants. We will stop at a beautiful viewpoint from where you can see the ocean, mountains and also the bananas. When we get to the plantation our local guide will explain everything about the different banana types and some other surprising facts about the charms.

When we get back to the finca some traditional colombian dishes will be prepared and you will be welcomed to try them all.

The whole experience takes about 2 hours.

Home Cooked Meals
Street Food
Languages spoken: Spanish, English
Recommended gear: Closed comfortable shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent
Included in price: guide, tasting of traditional banana dishes, natural drink
Not Included in price: other food and drinks