Cairo: The Giza Pyramids and the Egyptian Musuem

Take a once-in-a-lifetime tour to best tourist attractions in Cairo: The Great Pyramid, the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities.

The Great Pyramid is the only wonder of the ancient world still standing. Made out of local limestone, the Great Pyramid houses more than two million stone blocks and weighs six million tons! Take a camel across the Sahara, enjoy the beautiful view and take the best shots.

Go around the enigmatic Sphinx, the man-headed lion guarding the Pyramids since the 3rd millennium BC. We will also visit the mysterious Valley Temple where king Chephren was mummified. Here some of the blocks weigh up to 400 tons! It's still a mystery how the ancient Egyptians moved them.

Built back in 1901, the Egyptian Museum has rapidly become one of Cairo’s tourist landmarks. It’s at this museum that you see the magnificent collection of the famous boy- king Tut-ankh-amon with its amazing craftsmanship. You will also see the impressive mummies of the ancient Egyptian kings which still have tissue, hair, fingernails and teeth.

At the Museum I will show you the masterpieces and give you a deep insight into the lives of the Kings who made these wonderful artifacts thousands of years before Christ was born.

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Languages spoken: English
Included in price: Entrance fees - All my services as your private tour guide and Egyptologist - Transportation - Car park tickets - Taxes and permissions
Not Included in price: Going into the Pyramids - the Solar Boat - Photography and the Mummy Room
Refund policy : Full refund 3 days before scheduled tour
Cancellations : Full refund 3 days before scheduled tour - No refund in case of cancellation 2 days before scheduled visit