Excursion Trip to Debrelibanos

Debre libanos is a religious center and monastery which was established in

the 13th century by Saint (Abune) Tekle-Haimanot. It is famous for its

miraculous spring. The new church that stands beneath a cliff on the edge

of the gorge has beautiful stained glass windows and mosaic figures on the

façade. Nearby is a bridge with much similar to that of the Portuguese in

Tis Abay. Experience the breathtaking sweeping view of the Blue Nile


we will first stop at the Jemma River gorge. The Jemma River is one of the

tributaries of the Nile, and there is a drop of nearly 1000 meters to the

valley below. Here at the gorge (and in the forest around the church) we

can expect to see the Banded Barbet, the Black-headed Forest Oriole, the

White-billed Starling, the Red-billed Starling, the White-winged Cliff

Chat, the White-backed Black Tit, the White-cheeked Turaco and Hemprich’s


Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: Trekking Shoe
Included in price: Transportation, Guide Service, Entrance Fee
Not Included in price: Meals, and other personal Expenses