Omo-Turkana Tours

This is an important Archiological site with very old tribes where scientists have made crucial discoveries that they believe can support the hypothesis which describes the Omo River Valley, specifically the area close to the Nyagatom tribe, as a place where modern human beings began their migration both to the Southern route of Africa and to off the continents route of Arabi and so on. This area seems to be ignored and forgotten from what I have witnessed on my frequent visits to the area to guide interested tourists see the place usually those who have related areas of profession and interest to the science. Omo-Turkana Tours, owned by a local individual of the neighborhood, made this site as the companies representative home. This is with an aim to restore the importance of this Archiological site of the ancient remains for it might help the future generations to unlock currently undetected facts.

Currently the Omo valley ethiopia is beginning to get more visitors to the area as a unique place with oldest tribe's of Ethiopia living very primitive way of life. These tribal communities lived for generations in nearby the shore of the mighty Omo river. They have managed to keeping their traditions and unique way of life to be witnessed nowhere on the planet we all share despite the continuous aggression of the outside influence. There are quite a number of fascinating cultural activities throughout the year to be experienced by culture wanderers with activities including: Bull Jumping pre-marriage rite of passage into adulthood, weekly colourful market days, mass events of 'DONGA' stick fighting and ''KA'EL'' festival of '' THE FATS CEREMONY'' which marks the beginning of a new year with several cultural values embedded in it. There are several tribes along the traces of the Omo river on the downstream side some hundreds of Kilometers before joining Lake TURKANA, the largest desert lake in the world, the most reknowned are the 16 different unique tribes within the valley of omo such as: Hammer tribe, Banna, Tsemay, Ari, Male, Karo, Dassenech, Nyangatom, Surma, Body, Mursi, Koyigo, Arbore, Bacha, Dime, and the tribe on an extinction stage Brayle. There are tribes from neighboring countries who share these river's annual provision such as the indigenous Turkana tribes of the Northwest Kenya, and some tribes who come frequently for trading activities from Uganda, and South Sudanese borders.

It is an exotic and compelling experience to witness the uninterrupted daily normal and authentic life of these tribal communities of The Omo Remains.

Whilst in this fascinating region we aim to learn about the varied ethnic groups who inhabit the region - from the Mursi, renowned for their lip-plates, the Konso famous for their terraced farming to the Hamer famous for their bull jumping coming of age ceremony. This is a unique itinerary in an unforgettable part of the world.


Meeting (amongst many) the Dorze, Ari, Bana, Hamer, Karo & Mursi peoples

Experiencing the weekly markets at Key Afer, Dimeka and Turmi

Walking through the remote Buska Mountains

Camping wild next to tribal villages

Exploring the natural wonders of the Great African Rift Valley

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: Camera
Included in price: Tour Includes: Full services Omo -Turkana local Tours Tour Leader Melak Tadesse with local guides and drivers 11 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 12 dinners (typically in local restaurants where viable) Drinking water throughout All transport (4WD landcruisers outside of Addis and of course our own two feet in the Omo region) 12 nights' accommodation ( 4 in hotels, 3 in Wild Camps & 5 in various lodges )
Not Included in price: Tips, beer, buying souvenir
Additional Information: I have special offers for groups
Refund policy : 5%down payment
Cancellations : Possible