Wildlife conservation project & Aburi gardens tour

Planting of trees to replace the old ones also to preserve the forest of Tafi Tome Monkey sanctuary was the keen and paramount to the people of Tafi.Therefore,in the year 2004-2005 the group like Friends of the Earth a non govermental organisation from UK based in Ghana had come together wih the people of Tafi and began to plant trees to cover the sanctuary.They also planted teak trees around the outskirt of the forest especially the grassland areas of about 5 -9 hectors of land .This has given the priority to individuals,volunteers,reasearchers and others to come lend helping hands to this project.

This project have improved dramatically and still hungry for more people to come help develop or extend its expansions.They are of the view that by planting more trees it will protect the endangered monkeys and the other species in the reserves.Also curb wind and rain stoms from the community.Again improves the ecosystem.We will visit Aburi botanical gardens in the Eastern Region the most famous garden with variety of trees with their botanical names and the economic and their medicinal use.

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Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: Boots, Working gear, and Gloves.
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Additional Information: will tell during arrivals