Visiting Indigenous Community

Here you have an unique opportunity to know the traditions, customs and ancestral rites of the indigenous community of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Discover their environmental conservation knowledge and their natural wealth that makes this magic place consider the heart of the Universe.

The meaningful experience will give you a unique perspective of the value of this mountain. You can appreciate and enjoy lush green jungle full of birds, wildlife and take a swim in clear rivers in the tropical weather.

We will start aroung 8 a.m. and make our way to the village. There we will meet one of the indigenous who will show us around in their community. We might also meet other members and have the chance to see them in their daily life and chat about their own perspective of life.

After a swim in a nice river and lunch we will return back around 5 p.m.

Arte e Historia
Monumentos históricos
La vida nocturna
Actividades al aire libre
Idiomas Hablados: Spanish
Marcha Recomendada: Walking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent
Incluido en el precio: Guide, lunch, contribution to indigenous community
No incluido en el precio: Transportation, other consumption
Información Adicional: We only offer this tour to responsible people who will treat the indigenous respectfully. We also try to keep the group small.