I am a person with a huge curiosity. I am always planning my next trip, even if it's going to take place in six months. Therefore I know exactly what people are looking for during their travels. I personally prefer to meet and make new friendships with people around the world, from time to time I also host on Couchsurfing, so if we will meet in a way or another, pay attention because we might become good friends.

Professionally, I graduated from the faculty of architecture in Bucharest. I defended my Ph.D. in cultural tourism within historic centers. I also have a degree in travel journalism and one as a tour guide. So once again, pay attention what you desire because it might happen.

Authentic Travels is my signature concept and my travel website. You can find out more about me at this link http://www.travelingauthentic.com/index.php/author-iuliana-marchian/. Here I write my travel journals from around the globe so you can figure out if my traveling style is somewhat similar with yours - I'm saying this because I will show you hidden places and unique gems from my hometown (something I am craving for when I travel by myself).

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