I am Zara, 31, based in Tehran. I have university BA & MSc degrees in architecture and urban design. I do architecture, painting, translating, and guiding. I'm so into communicating with people around the world and learning new stuff. I have accompanied more than 15 fellows (individuals, couples, and groups of 3 and 4) from Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Sri-Lanka, Netherland, Australia, etc. If you are in my country, also tired of formal traveling & accommodation, better call me! Let's enjoy the moments of your visit together! Moreover, in case you'd also like to be my companion in my apt -at lower price than what hotels offer you-, let me know about that (I will send you some pictures of my humble apartment and its facilities). We would talk, listen to music, cook, shop or you can just relax or read or whatever you prefer. Breakfast is on me! I'll do my best to be a good chef!
* My future dreams are launching my own business, plus, studying PhD in Canada or USA! Not bad hah? Wish me luck guys!

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