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Patrick Carafa, owner of the "Patrick Rafting Center" of Italian origin, Hungarian mother, spends his first childhood in Rimini, begins his career in Trentino, on the river Noce, among the ten best in the world for river activities, also for the National Geographic, Kayak and European rafting worlds in the past. The first overseas experience takes place in New Zealand, a land that, after long and wide shooting (living for three months by indigenous or indigenous people), cyclically proposes an international rafting destination.During the year, the "Patrick Rafting Center" offers guides's courses, rafting/hydrospeed/kayak descents,events,or team building experiences and / or company outgoings with the help of multiethnic staff and various professional training in water sports and outdoors.As far as offshore destinations are concerned, seasonally, New Zealand, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru (Winter-Spring Program), Japan, Nepal and Australia ( Summer-Autumn programming).The "musts" of the Patrick Rafting Center are:
Leisure, training, education (leisure, education and training).

Patrick Rafting Center/Journeys/Events.

Mission:Leisure - Training - Education

"Patrick Rafting Center" is the sports project of Patrick Carafa Group dedicated to the promotion of water activities.

The guides and instructors of "Patrick Rafting Center" engage in different sports: Rafting, Hydrospeed and kayaking; mainly along the Italian's watercourses but also on those of Europe and extra-continental.

The proposal includes separate courses:

  • Specific training courses for those wishing to become Rafting Guide.
  • Specific courses for those wishing to become Hydrospeeding Guide.
  • Kayak courses and Safety Kayaker course.
  • BLS courses.
  • First Aid course.

Activities and training are aimed at aspiring sports operators or tour operators who want to enrich
their skills.

Newest's Patrick Rafting Center are also specific packages those who want to experiment with the various activities:

  • Day 1: 2 Rivers.
  • Day 1: Family.
  • Day 1: Group.
  • Day 1: Wild Hydrospeeding.
  • Day 1: Rafting Sea & Sea Kayaking,
  • Day 2: Strong & Please,
  • Day 2: We Can.d.

The "Patrick Rafting Center" specializes where
required, even in the management of activities for groups and companies, events and activities' outdoor, as well as in travel, but also in feasibility studies 'for the implementation of new commercial waterways addressing the various issues that may arise.

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Other proposal are from “Patrick Rafting JOURNEYS” that organize trips in New Zealand, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru (Winter/Spring program), and Japan, Nepal and Australia (Summer/Autumn program).

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