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Donation List Needed!

To take care of an orphanage with 70 children and provide them with all the basic needs is extremely difficult because we don’t have enough income. Our income depends on solely people like yourself, and volunteers who provide us with donations.

This year, Expedition Africa Orphanage

A Orphanage Children’s Home is in a terrible financial situation and we really need your help so we can continue to help our children at the orphanage and become self sufficient


  • Everything that people think can be useful in the daily life.
  • School supplies (pencils, exercise books, any used school books, backpacks)
  • Toys for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Hygiene items; toothbrushes/toothpaste, soap, lotion, medicines and more.
  • Beds, mattresses, pillows, sheets and more.
  • Clothes and shoes for all ages and sizes.
  • Donations to the self-sufficient projects; towards the purchase of solar panels, animals and a chicken coop
  • Food and firewood
  • Hospital payments when the children become sick

We have many goals for 2019 that YOU can help us reach!

Expedition Africa start new orphanage to help The children, widows and elders

The thing that make Expedition Africa to start this project is one day in 15/2/2019 we were with our client at maksoro village , we were at village tour and we saw the hardness of life which many family they live

Later our company was taking our clients to volunteer in different orphanages in different places and sometimes far from here in Arusha like in maasai village

When my clients saw that life they advise me to start this project of helping children , elders and widows

Currently, we have no class, kitchen , hostels and power

Lastly, we hope to create a chicken coup and cow supply so that we can become more self-sufficient and not have to rely so heavily on donations and sponsors. The livestock projects will also allow us to make our own food for the children . We can also make a continuous profit off of milk products

The Reason: Because this is new project and we have a lot of needs so you may help us anything you have in order to fulfill our goals

Email .info@expeditionafrica.org



Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Included in price: visit orphanage center
Not Included in price: flights ,visA
Availability : all year all month