1 Day Tuk Tuk Adventure in Chiang Mai

The perfect day trip for anyone in Chiang Mai combining driving your very own Tuk Tuk, yes that’s right, driving your very own Tuk Tuk!, seeing real rural life, walking with and bathing elephants and bamboo rafting. What more could you want from a day?



You can either meet the group at the Chiang Mai Gate Hotel at 07:45, or we will pick you up from your hotel between 08:00 and 08:30, (note – pick up’s can only be provided for hotels inside the Chiang Mai ‘middle ring road’) and then transfer by minivan to our base for the day nestled in the Mae Wang valley.

09:30 (APPROX)

On arrival in Mae Wang, at around 09:30, our team will introduce you to your Tuk Tuks and begin your driving training. If you don’t want to drive a Tuk Tuk, don’t worry, you can enjoy the joys of nature’s air-conditioning from the breeze in in the back.

NOTE: all drivers must be aged 18 or over and hold a valid manual driving license.

10:30AM (APPROX)

The Tuk Tuks are pretty easy to master and once everyone is feeling comfortable behind the wheel we’ll head through tiny rural roads, snaking through farming villages and past rural Temples. One of our guides always drives the lead Tuk Tuk making sure that you don’t lose your way and no-one is tempted to go too fast!

With frequent stops to explore and, importantly, make sure everyone has a good opportunity to drive, you’ll get a great insight into real rural life in Northern Thailand. Something that’s not as easy to come across as you’d think.

11:30AM (APPROX)

By late morning we’ll arrive at the elephant home where you’ll not only learn about the past, present and future of the Thai Elephant but also have the opportunity to interact with them.

Once you’ve been introduced to the elephants – who have been taken out of a life of trekking and can no relax and enjoy their time more naturally – you’ll be able to help the mahouts feed them.

After you’ve fed the elephants it’s time to sit down to a some hearty and filling Thai food, right next to the elephants giving you the opportunity to continue watching the elephants and seeing how they interact.


After lunch you’ll walk with the mahouts and their elephants (NOTE: No elephant riding is allowed) through the local countryside to the river where you’ll help the mahouts wash the elephants – a fantastic experience for you and the elephants!


Now it’s time to enjoy some water activities of a different kind as you float lazily along the local river on a traditional bamboo raft. Don’t worry, there are no rapids along the way, rather this is a great opportunity to see the local surroundings from a different angle and have a huge amount of fun negotiating the twists and turns of the river.


It’s time to jump back into your Tuk Tuk and wind your way back down the valley enjoying your last moments behind the wheel of a real Thailand ‘icon’. The road curves and sweeps gently down the valley and be sure to have your camera out to catch the surprise of the local community when they see you driving your very own Tuk Tuk!


On reaching The Tuk Tuk Club HQ you’ll transfer back into a minivan and we’ll take you back to your hotel, arriving around 6:00PM giving you plenty of time in the evening to reflect on the incredible day you’ve had and the fact that you’re now a member of The Tuk Tuk Club!

6:00pm (APPROX)

Arrive back in Chiang Mai city

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English and Thai
Recommended gear: Casual clothing that you don't mind getting wet / dirty
Included in price: Transfers to and from the Tuk Tuk training centre. Your very own Tuk Tuk (with up to two others). Tuk Tuk driver training. A real rural Thailand experience as you explore local communities and Temples. A visit to a local elephant home where you'll learn about, help feed, walk with and help bathe the elephants. Lunch. Bamboo rafting. Water throughout the day. Expert, fun guides with you the whole way
Not Included in price: Any snacks / soft drinks
Additional Information: All those wishing to drive must have a full driving license from their home country with them on the day
Cancellations : A full refund for all cancellations made 15 days or more before the day, no refunds made for cancellations made at 14 days or less before the day trip
Availability : The trip operates every day of the year (with exceptions for Christmas and Thai New Year!)