Enjoy the Evening to Night Trip Like a Local in Bangkok

On this trip, you will visit the places where locals hang out, go shopping, eat and drink. This experience is significant to anyone who really wants to discover Bangkok and immerse themselves in a really Thai culture and get a taste of local life.


-Discover and get immerged in the local life at the Suan

Luang National Park

-Explore Srinakhahrin Train Market

-Learn about thai foods and drinks at the market

-Taste Jang-lon or fried Todman from the very old Thai recipe

-Taste 5 Thai foods and 2 drinks at Hawker stalls inside the


-Have fun on shopping experience at the Srinakahrin Train


-Enjoy 1 drink of cold beer with cool songs and music at a local bar

-2 persons/95 usds, 3persons/120 usds, 4 persons/130 usds

-Duration: 4 hours


Suan Luang National Park is the huge botanical garden park located on Srinakharin Road in the Suan Laung District of Bangkok. This park is well known by locals and every evening locals will flock to the park to hang out, picnick, and work out, including riding on a boat. Usually, there will be a lot more people doing activities on the weekend. This park is very large and tranquil. It’s full of beautiful gardens, trees and canals. it’s the best for anyone who wants to get away from bustling city life and want to find the relaxing and peaceful time. Upon arrival, wander around the Suan Laung Park. Take time to go sightseeing at many beautiful flower gardens. You also can sit around the canal to feed fish or ride on a boat, seeing the beautiful sunset. It’s such a nice start to begin a trip.

Srinakharin Train market is the night market located on the area that used to be the old train tracks for Thai people to travel on and it opens only in the evening from Friday to Sunday. In Bangkok, we have 2 Train Markets located on Ratchada and Srinakharin Roads. The Srinakharin Train Market is the biggest one and it’s established before the Radchada train market. Ratchada Train Market is full of tourists and crowded because it’s located at the center of Bangkok and is closed to tourists’ areas, but the varieties of foods and products are of course less in numbers. Srinakharin Train Market can yield more of a local vibe of a night market and various types of foods and products traded there.

When we arrive at the Srinakharin Train Market, we will taste Janglon or Fried Tod Man. this food is from the very old recipe and rare to find on normal local markets in Thailand. It taste like a bit fish cake and steamed red fish curry on a coconut leave. Some ingredients and a preparation are just different. The meat is wrapped around the bamboo stick and grilled. It tastes creamy from coconut milk and a sweet flavor of fish chili paste.

After the appetizer, you will learn about Thai foods sold at local vendors, hawker stalls, and restaurants at the market. You will explore varieties of local foods at the market. Some foods are hardly found at other local markets and a lot of foods are very popular and well known in Thailand. What’s great about the market here is cooks or chefs will show you how they prepare their menus live in front of you and you will learn about local ingredients you will never know before. At each stop, you will try and enjoy different types of Thai foods and drinks at the market.

After the exotic dinner time, I will take you on fun shopping experiences. You will discover plenty of products sold at the market. You will be introduced to different types of shops and stalls whose products are both first-hand and second-hand. The product costs can start from tens to thousands bath, depending on what kind of material they are made of and the qualities of it. You also can find lots of handcrafts and products that come from factories.

Last but least, you will stop by at the local bar where locals party and hang out together at nightfall. There are several spots where local bars are at. You will find the bars on the road of the market and inside the market. The types of the bars are an outdoor bar, a restaurant and bar in a two story house with a rooftop (that you can see the market view) and an indoor bar. Just enjoy your good bye drink of cold local draft beer at a bar of your choice as listening to local bands playing music and singing local and international songs.

Home Cooked Meals
Street Food
Languages spoken: English, Thai
Recommended gear: Casual clothes
Included in price: Public Transportation, 1 Appetizer, 5 Foods, 2 Drinks, 1 Local Beer Drink, Private English Guide, Entrance Ticket
Not Included in price: Pickup at the hotel or the direct trip on a taxi back to your accomodation, Extra foods and drinks
Refund policy : 14 days
Cancellations : 14 days
Availability : 18.00 - 22.00 on Friday and 15.00-22.00 on Saturday to Sunday(total 4 hours per picked time)