Tamang Heritage Trek

Tamang Heritage Trail is a choice of Langtang Valley Trek. On a very basic level, it bases on the social trekking; in any case, it takes you through thick woodlands, falls, and stunning point of view of Langtang Region and furthermore snow-topped mountains. A conclusive objective of this trail comes to on Tamang Inhabitants which is masterminded underneath the Mt. Langtang which is close at the Tibetan (China) edge. The tamang people are initiation of Tibetan who came to Nepal in previously, and they change their ethnicity to Tamang in light of the way that the Tibetans would not be offered citizenship of Nepal. In spite of the way that it is nearer from Kathmandu Valley, yet its wild is as same as Rara and dolpo region (Western Nepal). Being Tibetan origination, the lifestyle of the all inclusive community of Tamang Heritage is as same as Tibetans. Some of them furthermore speak Tibetan lingo. Thusly, you can contact the Tibetan culture through this trail. As you reach there, you will get warm welcome by Tamang people and associate with their social orders and traditions. If you are lucky, you in like manner can have opportunity to see snow jaguar, red pandas and musk deer in light of the fact that Tamang Heritage Trail experiences Langtang National Park. These animals are jeopardized species on the planet.


Tamang Heritage Trekking makes a connecting with walk totally through Tamang zone. They are truly descendants from Tibet. In travel, we can in like manner spot wild animals like bears, red pandas, jaguars, musk deer and diverse kinds of winged creatures and butterflies. We can find the authentic scenery of the Tibetan precursors whose children are at show Buddhists and are related with trade and agribusiness. They lean toward multicolored dresses and their homes are adorned with striking woodcarvings.

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: Bandana or head scarf
Included in price: Airport pick up and drop off
Not Included in price: International air-ticket, visa and travel insurance
Additional Information: Licensed trekking guide
Refund policy : No refund
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