Rasnov fortress and Bran Castle - day trip from Brasov


Rasnov fortress is situated ~8 miles/12km north-east from Bran Castle. There were both built in the same time, 14th century, and for the same reason: to stop the Turkish invasion. Rasnov is believed that it was for the first time build in the 1st century B.C. by the Dacians, a big tribe of Tracians living in this area. Tracia was a union of a tribe living in a center-east part of Europe more than 2000 years ago, the most famous Tracian is SPARTACUS the gladiator that started the biggest revolution among the slaves/gladiators that the Roman Empire has ever experienced in its history of almost 15 centuries.

The name of the ancient city, as far as the historical facts go, was COMIDAVA changed in the 2nd century A.D. by the Romans, after they conquered Dacia their last colony, in CUMIDAVA.

Like Bran Castle being extremely well positioned on top of a mountain was almost impossible to be conquered, reason why it was often preferred by the Romanian kings of that time as a place to relax and “recharge their batteries” in such safe place , when they were passing by or even for a longer time being organized as their headquarters.

Is worth visiting this medieval fortress for the view from the top of the ruins alone.


Bran Castle needs no introduction. Is believed to be the home of the most famous vampire in the world. A medieval structure build in 1377-1382 at the foot of the Carpathian mountains, the military fortress was erected to stop the invasion of the Ottoman Empire, was built to protect the Southern border of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. The Castellans and their guards, they did a great job thinking that this castle was never conquered, often donated to different noble or royal families but never took by force.

Is important to know that this place was a key place in the time of war as well as it was in the time of peace. Just 20 miles/27km north-east from Bran Castle was the biggest market place in the Southern part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, in Brasov, so once a year during the biggest fair organized around this area every respectable merchant from across Europe, Middle East or the even Far East they found themselves selling their most valuable stuff in Brasov. In order to enter in Transylvania they had to pass through Bran Castle , which in time of peace was functioning as customs, to get your “visa” stamp and pay the entrance taxes the equivalent of 3% of the value of the merchandise, thing that brought lots of money to the castellan and also to the king of Hungary. Now you do understand why most of the fights that took place in this region were between locals for a higher position in the castle

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