Tehran in your frame!

Maybe you are that kind of travelers who know exactly where they want to go to, yea? Or maybe you almost know the theme (culture, art, nature, heritage, monuments, fun, restaurants, adventure, etc.) but not exactly the places?

No problem at all! In the following, I am going to provide a short list of themes you can find in Tehran - and its surrounding. Please read the items through, and then contact me to discuss more details. We can provide a plan including just one theme, or a combination of them, as long as time allows:

⦿ Culture/ history

  • Museums: National Jewelry Treasury, Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran, National Museum of Iran, Cinema Museum, Qasr museum, Carpet Museum, etc.
  • Palaces: Golestan Palace, Sa'dabad Complex, and Niavaran Palace

⦿ Monuments

I can mention Milad tower, Nature Bridge, and Azadi tower as the most famous landmarks in Tehran. Do you have something else in mind? Just contact me and let me know!

⦿ Nature resorts/ parks

Including all the resorts placed at the north of Tehran (Daarabad, Darakeh, etc.), Tehran-Roof, Mellat Park, Ab-o-Atash Park, Jamshidieh Park, etc.

⦿ Fun/ amusement/ sport

We can pay a visit to billiard clubs (You should teach me how to play though!) or enjoy zip-line, bowling, amusement parks, and what not. If you are visiting in Fall or Winter, going to resorts at the north of Tehran and

skiing or riding the Tochal cable-car would be a great choice!

  • Let me know if you are into other kinds of sport, and I will check for availability.

⦿ Restaurants/ cafes

You can find the most elegant and intimate cafes, and the most delicious foods in Tehran; Iranian and international foods (Kabab, Dizy, Caviar or even Sushi) in the buildings with modern or traditional architecture and in a luxurious or cozy surrounding. Your choice!

⦿ Art

If you are fond of artistic subjects, Tehran has many galleries, music concerts and occasional exhibitions and events. let me know of your favorite and then I just need to search and get the schedules arranged around your visiting dates. In addition, there are some other places we can go such as Museum of Contemporary Art, City Theater, Master Behzad Museum, etc.

⦿ Fashion/ shopping centers

These places include traditional markets (Tehran great market at the south, and Tajrish market at the north) and modern luxurious shopping centers such as Palladium Mall, Kourosh Complex, Mega Mall, ARG Commercial Center, etc.

*** Payment:

  • I usually pay for everything - as long as you don't order Caviar as one of my clients did once lol- and I keep track of every expense in my notebook. You can review the notes at the end of the day, and pay me the guiding fee plus the expenses
  • Please don't mind changing your money from dollar or Euro to Rial when you are dealing with me. However, you'd better carry some amount of Rial cash in case you'd like to pay for something in a shopping center or store.
Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Recommended gear: Just don't forget to bring comfortable shoes!
Included in price: Are you going to stay in my place? Well, the accommodation price will be only 40$, and breakfast is on the house!
Not Included in price: Accommodation, transportation, foods, and tickets to tourist attractions (museums, gardens, palaces, etc.)
Additional Information: If you are bored of spending time in hotels and like to taste the real local flavor of living like an Iranian [girl?] in a fun and safe surrounding, you can be my companion in my apt -at lower price than what hotels offer you (40$ per night/1-2 guests). Just let me know about that and I will send you some pictures of my place and its facilities. We would talk, listen to music, cook, shop or you can just relax or read or whatever you prefer. Breakfast is on me! I'll do my best to be a good chef!
Cancellations : As the money transfer happens when we meet, you can cancel our arrangement any time before the planned day!