Village Backwater Tour

The Village Backwater Tour is an exclusive guided tour organised just for you. The tour is organised on a traditional country boat, punted by hand, and in the quieter backwater stretches of Kochi, far away from tourist crowds. It ensures that the cruise is in sync with the quiet of the place. The boatman, the coconut climber/toddy tapper, the guide and the family that hosts visitors for lunch are all stakeholders in this experience.

The Village Backwater Tour opens a window to the life of along the Backwaters of Kochi. Surrounded by the backwaters on all sides, small groups of families, usually not more than 4 or 5, call the backwaters home. They harvest crops, spread their nets to fish, graze their cows, spun coconut fibre into ropes, carry their produce to and fro the mainland, go to school and work, celebrate ceremonies and festivals, and much more. The backwaters are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna as well. There is an entire ecosystem at play here.

Your guide will explain all that you see, and don't see, as you cruise through the water. The tour ends (or starts in case you opt for the afternoon slot) with a lovely home cooked meal, served open air, at the home of one of the families living on the island.

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Recommended gear: Wear a hat or a cap, apply sunscreen and wear comfortable foot wear.
Included in price: Guide charges; Country boat cruise charges; Vegetarian or Non-vegetarian lunch (as per preference) and all applicable taxes.
Not Included in price: Transportation from/to the hotel and the starting point, Gratuities and any other personal expense.
Additional Information: Follow the instructions offered by your guide at all times.