Mother & Child - Naturalist Camp

*Above rate is for one duo consisting of 1 mother and 1 child. If you're a group of two mothers and two children, or one mother and two children, please contact us for special rates.*

A big hit at The Outback Experience is our unique Mother and Child Naturalist Camp. This specially crafted two-day camp is a perfect opportunity for all mothers to get to bond with their children and experience the best that nature has on offer at the same time.

Staying at The Outback Farm & Homestay, our own property on the edge of a gleaming lake, this is the perfect gateway to experiencing the joys of birding, wildlife tracking, angling, and wildlife photography. What’s better, with award-winning wildlife photographer Phillip Ross as your camp leader, you and your child are sure to have a fun-filled time getting to explore areas of Bannerghatta seldom visited by tourists.

The campsite is situated right on the fringes of the Bannerghatta National Park. This unique park, home to wild Asiatic elephants, boasts of being the world’s closest wilderness to a metropolis. The park is richly diverse and is also home to tigers, leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears and an array of nocturnal wanderers including the rare honey badger or ratel in addition to more commonly sighted animals such as gaur, wild boar and various species of deer. The park is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 150 species of bird, including the yellow-throated bulbul and Rufous-bellied Eagle. Be assured to sight at least 30 species within the property.

Enroll yourself and watch your child develop into a budding young naturalist.


*Above rate is for one duo consisting of 1 mother and 1 child. If you're a group of two mothers and two children, or one mother and two children, please contact us for special rates.*

With an array of activities ranging from angling, wildlife tracking, bird-watching, singing around the campfire, star gazing and fun nature-based games, you and your child are sure to have an unforgettable camping experience. The specifics of the camp include: 1. Bonding together in a new, unique way while experiencing the best of nature

2. A very luxurious stay and delicious meals at The Outback Farm & Homestay, Bannerghatta

3. Learning exciting new skills

4. Get fascinated by activities like angling and bird hide photography

5. A fun-filled great holiday

6. Expert guidance from wildlife photographer Phillip Ross

Art and History
Farmers Market
Outdoor Activities
Languages spoken: English
Included in price: INCLUSIONS: 1. Shared accommodation in luxury rooms or luxury tents 2. All meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and hot beverages (coffee and tea) 3. All camera and entry fees 4. All taxes
Not Included in price: EXCLUSIONS: 1. Transfers to and from the destination 2. Any extra meals and beverages ordered 3. Airfare, if applicable 4. Anything that is not expressly mentioned in the inclusions list
Additional Information: Q: Who is this camp for? A: Any child between the ages of 6 and 14, accompanied by their mothers are welcome to enroll for this camp. There are no other eligibility criteria. Q: My child is older or younger than 6 and 14. Can an exception be made? A: The age group of the children has been carefully chosen keeping in mind the content and style of delivery. However, if your child is outside the age group and you’re interested in admitting him or her, please talk to us. Q: How many participants can be expected to attend? A: A maximum of 6 children and 6 mothers are expected. The Outback Experience’s USP is to provide as much individual attention and quality time to each participant as possible and thus the camp strength has been kept low. We do not cater to very large groups per batch! Q: Where are we staying and what sort of accommodation and food can we expect? A: We will be staying at The Outback Farm & Homestay in Bannerghatta. The farm & homestay is situated right on the periphery of the park and overlooks the jungle. All participants will be staying in ultra-luxurious and well-furnished rooms or tents. The food served is a delicious buffet spread of local, Indian and Anglo-Indian delicacies. Q: What all items should my child bring to this camp? A: Once you register and pay for the camp, the camp instructor will send out the camp advice and general guidelines to every participant. This document will contain all the necessary information, a checklist of items to carry, etc. Q: Will my child be safe during the workshop? A: Don't worry at all! Your child's safety is of paramount importance to us. The workshop instructor is well-trained with regards to child protection and health and Eagle.
Refund policy : Upon cancellation, the funds shall be returned digitally to the user within 5 working days of initiating request.
Cancellations : 1. Cancellations made 30 days before the experience date shall be refunded by 100% 2. Cancellations made 7-30 days before experience date shall be refunded by 75%. 3. Cancellations made under 7 days before experience date shall not be refunded.