Hi! My name is Naoko!

I am in food coordinator in Kanazawa, and I will teach you everything you need to know about Kanazawa food. I used to work in the entertainment industry, but decided to become a cooking teacher 2 years ago.

I grew up in this city, and have always had a love for this city’s food culture since I was young. My mother is also a cooking teacher, and taught me everything I need to know about Kanazawa cuisine.

From Market Tour + Culinary experiences, to Geisha/Geiko Performances + Traditional dinners! Kanazawa is a city famous for their unbelievable seafood, samurai culture, historical neighborhoods, geiko (geisha) performers, gold leafing, and more.

Spend some time with me, and I will show you the unique side of Kanazawa to make your visit to Kanazawa even more memorable!

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