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Do What Locals Do was created to bring local experiences to travelers that want to experience the local lifestyles of the countries they visit. We are a hub that showcases unique adventures, and our mission is to celebrate local culture and bring people together. Our peer-to-peer market serves to connect travelers to locals, who can create unique and unforgettable experiences; not the one size fits all "touristy stuff" offered at resorts.  

Our site is designed to provide new entrepreneurs and everyday people (i.e students, people that know of hidden gems within their city/town, etc.) with the opportunity to get involved in the local tourism industry, while earning their own incomeMembers can design their own experiences without any start up costs. You are  your own boss and you can create an experience like no other.  We connect people, and allow the local people who do tours a chance to make the money they deserve. 

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"One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure." 
-William Feather